Jerusalem Countdown $14.99
John Hagee discusses the gathering storm of war against Israel. He describes Israel's divine destiny and urges Christians to stand in support of Israel and the Jews. 240 pages.
Primer Answer Book $9.95
This answer book was prepared to make The First Hebrew Primer the most effective teaching tool possible. Refer to this guide to check their answers and correct any errors.
Sturdy, easy-to-read 2" x 3" flashcards. Keyed to vocabulary lists in The First Hebrew Primer. Each word appears in the Bible a minimum of 200 times. Large-print Hebrew word on the front side, English translation and related Hebrew forms on the back side reinforce Primer grammar.
Master Set of Bible Flashcards $24.95
Sammy Spider's
First Shabbat $7.95
In this story book, Sammy discovers how special it is to celebrate Shabbat.
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